10 Most Expensive Whiskeys In The World

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10 – Macallan 55 Year old Lalique Crystal Decanter (Price: $12,500)

It’s wrapped with the eye-catching crystal bottle which was based on Rene Lalique’s perfume bottle.

09 – Glenfiddich 50 Year Old (Price: $16,000)

This fine spirit is also known to be the darkest of Glenfiddich’s whiskies and is also the second vatting of Glenfiddich.

08 – Highland Park 50 Year Old Single Malt (Price: $17,500)

The bottle casing for this fascinating luxury liquor was designed by renowned Scottish jeweler, Maeve Gillies, where in the casing has been hand fabricated from a whopping five kilograms of silver.

07 – Dalmore 62 Single Hiland Malt Scotch (Price: $58,000)

This luxury liquor captivated the spirit world with its grand sale in the year 2005, when a bottle of this expensive whiskey was purchased by a businessman whopping $58,000.

06 – 1926 Macallan Fine And Rare Collection (Price: $75,000)

The 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare is one of most expensive whiskeys in the world which is described as dry and concentrated whiskey, with a licorice after-taste.

05 – Dalmore 64 Trinitas (Price: $160,000)

To ensure bespoke exclusivity, Dalmore introduced this wonderful spirit in a limited edition model, with only three bottles ever produced.

04 – 62 Year Old Dalmore (Price: $200,000)

One of the biggest luxury liquor brands in the world, Dalmore, made headlines last year, when a rare and exquisite 62 Year Old Dalmore bottle of whisky was sold for a staggering price of $200,000.

03 – 64 Year Old Macallan (Price: $460,000)

The most astounding element of the 64 year old Macallan is its decanter, which exuberates a class of its own. The bottle is itself fabricated from Lalique crystal and was especially designed using the ‘lost wax’ method

02 – 105 Year Old Master of Malt (Price: $1.4 Million)

The 105 Year Old Master of Malt carries a mindboggling price tag of $1.4 million and was distilled at the Aisla T’Orten distillery.

01 – Isabella’s Islay (Price: $6.2 Million)

The extremely luxurious bottle is essentially a bespoke English Crystal decanter that is adorned with a whopping 8500 diamonds and even features a handsome amount of white gold, along with a generous spread of some 300 rubies encrusted all over the bottle.



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