10 Of The World’s Most Unique Swimming Pools

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The hot summer weather has arrived and with it the urge to go for a refreshing swim. However, what would you say to a pool lined with gold tiles, another filled with blood red water or a multi-tiered one overlooking a magnificent tropical rainforest? Here are some of the world’s unique swimming pools situated in exotic locations and boasting some extremely unusual features that really bring new meaning to taking a dip. Enjoy!

Red Pool – Library Hotel in Thailand (Koh Samui)

Red PoolThe Library Hotel, located in Koh Samui (Thailand) is home to the Red Pool which, as the name indicates, boasts a deep red colour. Despite what you may think, the colour isn’t a result of dying the water red rather the pool’s blood-red colour is owed to the combination of deep red, orange and yellow tiles lining the pool bottom for a truly spectacular result!

Violin-Shaped Pool

This violin-shaped swimming pool belongs to Jay Dweck, former Goldman Sachs executive, who spent a staggering $1 million on this water feature inspired on a stradivarius he once owned. 5,600 individual strands of fibre-optic and LED lighting light up the strings in the evening whilst a hot tub is located where you would expect the chin rest to be. Similarly, there are two thin koi ponds in the shape of a bow and black stones around the perimeter mimic the purfling on a violin. Finally, the pool boasts a river flow system thanks to which 2,000 gallons of water are re-circulated every minute, thus mimicking a swift current perfect for kayaking!

Gold Energy Pool – St Regis Hotel In Tibet (Lhasa)

The St Regis Hotel is surrounded by the towering Himalayas and boasts spectacular views of Tibet. It is particularly famous for featuring Tibet’s first ever fine-dining restaurant however, the highlight is without a doubt the hotel spa. The luxurious Gold Energy Pool is lined with thousands of gold-plated tiles and filled with therapeutic salt water that is kept at a constant temperature of between 28 and 32 degrees. Perfect if you like a little bling!

Huvafen Fushi Hotel Pool – Maldives

Hufaven Fushi Pool

This enchanting infinity pool, located in the Huvafen Fushi Hotel, comprises one of the largest in the Maldives and overlooks the ocean. However, it is more famous for the 1,000 sparkling fibre optic lights which spectacularly illuminate the pool at night for a truly magical swimming experience.


Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel – Indonesia (Bali)

The luxury Hanging Gardens Ubud, featuring Balinese villas with thatched alang alang roofs, is set amidst the steep rice terraces of Ubud. From the hotel, spectacular views of the mountains and the winding Ayung River gorge can be enjoyed. However, the hotel’s most striking feature is, without a doubt, the two-level hanging infinity pool perched over the stunning tropical rainforest whereby fortunate guests can swim to the edge and admire beautiful views of the ancient Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple located across the valley.


Homestead Crater – Utah (Midway)

The Homestead Crater (or Utah Crater) comprises a natural hot spring surrounded by a rock dome estimated to be around 10,000 years old. It measures 55 feet high and was hollowed out by nature, thus creating a hole through which potential divers would access the spring. Today, a 110 foot tunnel, created along the north side of the rock formation, allows the public to easily access the naturally heated spring water with temperatures ranging from 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). It is approximately 65 feet deep making it popular amongst swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers.

Sky Pool – Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Sky Pool

Not recommended for guests with a fear of heights, the Sky Pool is located in the impressive boat-shaped SkyPark perched atop the three towers of the Marina Bay Sands Resort, some 55 stories high (650ft up). Yes, not only does the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore feature the world’s most expensive building ever built (£4 billion), but it also boasts the world’s largest and highest infinity pool overlooking Singapore’s financial district. The sky pool measures 150 metres long, three times the length of an Olympic swimming pool and, whilst the pool appears to end in a sheer drop, although the water actually flows into a catchment area where it is then pumped back into the main pool.

Hanging Pool – Joule Hotel in Dallas

The Joule comprises a 5-star, 129 room boutique hotel in Dallas boasting neo-Gothic architecture, fine cuisine and an extensive art collection. However, the most striking feature of this hotel is, without a doubt, the pool located on the 10th floor which partially hangs off the edge of the building. It cantilevers eight feet beyond the hotel structure and boasts a plexiglass wall at the far end overlooking the street. Aside from providing guests with the sensation that they are swimming off the building’s edge, some spectacular views of the Dallas skyline can be enjoyed. Finally, the pool is heated to perfection!

Roman Pool – Hearst Castle in California

Roman Pool

Hearst Castle comprises a beautiful 165-room mansion located on the central coast of California. The entire estate includes 127 acres of beautiful gardens, terraces, walkways and, of course, pools. The Hearst Castle pools are called the Neptune Pool and the Roman Pool. Whilst both are stunning, it is the Roman Pool styled after an ancient Roman bath that particularly stands out. Eight gods, goddesses and heroes, roughly copied from ancient Greek and Roman statues, feature as well as smalti tiles which adorn the Roman Pool from floor to ceiling. Smalti tiles are made of glass, either coloured or clear with fused gold inside. The mosaic tiled patterns in the Roman Pool were inspired by those found in the 5th Century Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy, and depict traditional marine monsters found in Roman baths.

Badeschiff Swimming Pool

Badeschiff in BerlinBadeschiff, meaning “bathing ship”, comprises a floating public swimming pool situated on the East harbour of the River Spree in Berlin. The pool was made from a huge shipping container, to which it owes its name, and was created as a means of providing local residents with a safe and sanitary swimming environment, given that the Spree is far too polluted to take a dip in.


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