Luxury Vending Machines Across The World

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Luxury just got even more convenient with the latest trend in flashy vending machines selling expensive items ranging from caviar and designer perfume to diamond bracelets and even gold! Yes, the humble coin-operated vending machine has evolved into a little revolutionary stand-alone retail model that incorporates the latest in technology, accepts debit or credit cards, and sells crazy products that would have been completely unthinkable a few years back.

1. Selfridges Champagne Vending Machine

Comprising the world’s first, it dispenses 200ml bottles of chilled Moet & Chandon champagne encrusted with mini Swarovski crystals for £17.99 a pop! However, unlike your typical coin-operated vending machine, champagne lovers will have to use the pre-pay counter. In addition, champagne lovers will also need to provide their own glasses, a small drawback to what will add a little sparkle to your shopping experience in the prestigious Selfridges store in London. Sephora Vending Machines

Finally, those of you concerned about the bottle being dropped from a height into the tray below will be pleased to discover that they are actually carefully delivered by a gold mechanical arm. Cheers!

2. Sephora Vending Machines

In an attempt to push the new CK One fragrance, Sephora installed automats named Pocket Store in four Paris metro stations. Each was filled with small 15ml bottles of CK One for €15, a perfect little gift. Similarly, the popular make-up emporium launched some Sephora vending machines which dispense 50 of their best-selling skincare, make-up, and perfume sets in addition to other individual items from a variety of brands including Murad and StriVectin, Philosophy, Bare Escentuals, Juicy Couture, Smashbox and Korres, amongst others. They are available in airports across the U.S. and accept credit or debit cards .

3. Flat Shoe Vending Machines

RollasolesA UK company introduced a vending machine that sells flat shoes, thus offering a welcome solution to sore feet after a night out in heels. They are aptly named Rollasoles and comprise rollable ballet flats available in four metallic colours; Gold Digger, Back to Black, Pretty in Pink and Hi Ho Silver, topped with a bow. They sell for £5 a pair and are dispensed in a little cup complete with a matching bag to carry your heels home in! Finally, as well as comprising the saviour of your night out, Rollasoles are made entirely from natural materials with polypropylene soles which can be recycled.

4. The Shopping Wall

The makers, Amsterdam-based company Automated Retail Concepts, describe “The Shopping Wall” as a “self-service kiosk” and claim that this new automated retail model is completely different to your average vending machine. Indeed, the products on offer are displayed in a glass showcase on the right whilst the actual vending machine is on the left. A 19-inch touch screen also features which allows buyers to browse for further product information then purchase the item of their choice. They sell everything from electronics, such as iPods and smartphones, to a wide range of cosmetics making them perfect little pop-up stores for airports and other travel locations!

5. “Gold To Go” Vending Machine

Gold-To-Go-Abu-DhabiAs the name indicates, the “Gold to Go” vending machine dispenses gold. The German firm “Ex Oriente Lux” are behind this extravagance, the first of which was installed in the lobby of luxury Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace Hotel. On sale are a total of 320 items including 24-carat gold coins from Canada, Australia and South Africa, as well as gold bars weighing from 1.5 to 10 grams. For that added element of luxury each purchase is dispensed in a gift box and sealed in a plastic bag complete with an anti-counterfeit hologram label. Finally, not only does the “Gold To Go” machine dispense gold, it actually features a gold plated exterior and the prices are automatically updated via a link to the maker’s online shop. Classy!

6. Diamond Bracelet Vending Machine

Gray Ant GlassesIn celebration of Fashion Week in New York, the famous Hudson Hotel there teamed up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) to bring its fortunate guests the ” Semi Automatic”. It comprised a luxury vending machine stocked up with hip and expensive fashion necessities provided by emerging designers from the CDFA’s “Fashion Incubator”.

Amongst the many designer items on offer featured a python clutch in dirty gold from SANG A, a Jolibe rabbit fur jacket, hand-made 7-fold wool ties from Public School, half-rimmed glasses from Grey Ant, and a diamond and wood strand bracelet from Ruby Kobo. Not only was it an excellent means of showcasing some of fashion’s most promising talents but also a representation of the Morgan Hotel Group’s unique take on a hotel gift shop.

7. Caviar Vending Machine

Caviar Vending MachineGourmet food suppliers, Beverly Hills Caviar, recently installed vending machines in select Los Angeles shopping centres in a bid to make their luxury food products more accessible to frequent clients and the general public. So, for those who fancy a little luxury on the go will find over 24 varieties of caviar, ranging from the $30/oz American Black Caviar to the Imperial River Beluga, selling for a staggering $500 per ounce. Also, on sale for luxury diners on the go are a range of other gourmet foods and ingredients including white truffle oil, black truffles, escargot and blinis, etc. The internal environment is constantly monitored to make sure that all perishable items stay as fresh as possible and are all dispensed in boxes that provide the consumer a 3-hour window in which to either eat the product or return it to a fridge. Finally, mother of pearls spoons and dishes are on sale in the machine to accompany the aforementioned products. No plastic spoons here!

8. Vending Machine in Mondrian South Beach Hotel Miami

Semi Automatic Mondrian South Beach HotelThe Mondrian South Beach Hotel in Miami is home to the “Semi Automatic”, located in the lobby. Where an ordinary vending machine will simply not do, this substitute for a hotel gift shop dispenses a range of super extravagant items, although nothing edible I’m afraid. So, if you happen to forget your $25 fake eyelashes then fear not, just head to the “Semi Automatic”! You might also want to consider purchasing the $350 24-carat gold cufflinks, a $28 anti-recession t-shirt, $400 marabou feather vest or a $90,000 2003 Bentley Arnage t just in case you left yours at home……Also available for purchase amongst the many rows of white boxes safely nestled behind the automat glass are; a 2000 Bentley Azure Convertible rental, a Sunset Dinner Yacht Cruise For 2, a Jean Paul Gaultier dress and a Sony PSP 2000, etc. Madness…..

9. Smart Car Vending Machine

Smart Car Vending MachineFinally, what appears to be a dispenser selling smart cars is actually a vending machine simply supplying leaflets to interested customers. Behind the idea was a smart car dealer based in Shibuya, Japan, and although only information about the car is provided, we could potentially be looking at how cars of the future will be sold!

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