The Glass Museum – Murano

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On ninth February 2015 the Glass Museum, spotted in the island of Murano in Venice, is reviving to people in general after a brief time because of renovation.


he gallery was conceived in 1861 on activity of Antonio Colleoni and Vincenzo Zanetti, major and abbot of the island, who needed to make a spot where the residents could discover tokens of their character, authentic and masterful, after the long stretch of rot because of the fall of the Venice Republic.

From that minute on the historical center has been enhanced by a few bits of workmanship that make it a remarkable spot to visit. Here you can in fact respect magnum opuses of the antiquated specialty of glass, beginning from the Roman Age to these days pieces, passing through insights of the 700-year-long history of glass making in Murano: you will have the capacity to appreciate uncommon items acclaimed around the world, in the same way as the popular “coppa Barovier”. In the event that intrigued, you can likewise find out about the procedures of glass assembling.

The gallery composes guided visits for grown-ups, and offers additionally an extensive variety of exercises for school youngsters and for families who need to invest their leisure time in an alternate manner: “Museo every tutti – Museum for everyone”, committed to adults, and “Famiglie al museo – Families at the historical center”  are extraordinary projects to get to know the exceptional specialty of glass through recreations and workshops.

The Glass Museum is currently on the online stage “Google Art Project” as well, where 54 among the most acclaimed bits of craftsmanship are demonstrated, both from chronicled convention and contemporary.

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