5 delicious food’d you have to try in Venice

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With it’s breath-taking ancient architecture, winding canals, and endless mysterious passageways, delicious foods, Hotels. Venice is one of the most alluring cities in the world.

In Venice you will find a lot of seafood and lagoon fish on offer. Polenta is a regional specialty, often served with fish or meat, but sometimes with mushrooms or cheese. Seasonal specialties’ include peas and radicchio from Treviso. Characteristic dishes and local ingredients you might see on a menu include sarde in saor (marinated sweet and sour sardines), castraure (baby artichokes), Frittole, Galani, Folpeti etc.. are the most delicious and famous dishes in Venice


The most famous Venetian sweet related solely to the period of Carnival: of ancient origins (in 1600 the guild of fryers were united in an association), these fritters made of eggs, flour, sugar, raisins and pine nuts are a delight.



This is another typical sweet of Carnival that probably dates back to the Roman era. These fried and very tasty pastries are a variation of the so-called “angel wings” that are known throughout Italy.



Baby octopus boiled in a pot with a bay leaf and the juice of half a lemon. They are enjoyted seasoned with more lemon juice, salt and pepper.They are served in a typical papillote or sandwich.


Sarde in saor

In the Venetian dialect, soar means “flavour”. The protagonists of this plate are fried sardines, a poor man’s ingredient, that are flavoured with onions, vinegar, raisins and pine nuts.


Baccalà mantecato

Salt cod cooked in milk until it becomes a cream to spread on bread or enjoyed with a slice of polenta.

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